Boyd Greene grew up loving the simple life found along the winding dirt roads near his country home. His childhood memories take him back to riding in the bed of his dad’s old fifty-five Dodge Ram to secluded fishing holes and hiking trails.

The pastoral and breathtaking scenes of the farms and woods surrounding his childhood home influence his art. Farming influences run strong in Boyd’s art, as everyone seemed to be a farmer or horse trader when he was a child. The rustic barns found all around Boyd’s area in his early years inspire and influence his artisanship. The stories old men used to tell while sitting on the steps of country stores remain vivid in Boyd’s mind stimulating his art today.

As a child, Boyd relished creating, composing, and experimenting with the tones found in nature, re-creating the world in graphite pencil sketches using his own eyes and senses. Independent and ingenious, Boyd developed his artistic skills through self-education and self-discipline.

Boyd grew up spending nearly every waking moment outdoors experiencing nature with its roots running deep in his imagination.

By spending so much time outdoors, he came to discern nature’s rhythms, an understanding that has led him to his study of the Golden Section, nature’s greatest secret, a secret code, which is one of the most beautiful and elegant ratios in the universe. A pattern you naturally perceive as beautiful. Boyd’s greatest teacher is nature itself; the natural world is a wondrous place that Boyd loses himself in thought.

Fine Artist Boyd Greene

Fine Artist Boyd Greene

Boyd started painting after taking atmospheric painting classes from John Seerey-Lester.  He draws his inspiration for art from the natural world around him, allowing its beauty to capture him and set him on a mission to share his love with other nature lovers.  His paintings call attention to the enduring, inherent worth of our natural environment.

Boyd’s paintings of nature and farm life are traces of places that he perceives to be disappearing during his lifetime, subjects that he wants to preserve as an artist to inspire their physical preservation.

Boyd has come to focus more and more on the country farm life that he knows so well.  He has quit dreaming about distant locations and has come to appreciate his surroundings more deeply.

Ever the art student, always reading art books, magazines, watching videos, admiring other artists work, perusing museums and galleries, Boyd is maturing into that stage of life where he is looking more and more inward for inspiration and learning.

Boyd’s rhythmic realism oil paintings rendered with a Rembrandtish view simplify and orchestrate the beauty that surrounds him.  You feel his deep love for dramatic lighting, simplicity, design, and texture.  Boyd does not seek to recreate the natural world around him, but to interpret how it captures his imagination in an eloquent way.

Boyd captures the beauty of creation on canvas, painting landscapes and animals with a unique style developed over the last twenty years.  He focuses on how tones create designs, and how light creates atmosphere.

Boyd works in plein air to be more open to everything around him, which is especially evident in his latest works.  Boyd learned early on to work hard and to persevere against obstacles.  It is the country boy way.

Boyd considers his paintings old friends and visual memoirs of life experiences.  The viewer, too, shares in his magical storytelling of moments that touched him.

To Boyd, painting expresses his human emotion better than any other medium.

Boyd’s intent is to create something beautiful and harmonious.  While he deliberates long and hard over the subject matter, it is by careful
observation and design that he develops the subtle nuances of texture and rhythm bearing his deepest feelings about a theme.  It is his desire to create paintings that continue to reveal hidden treasures well into future generations. He hopes his paintings foster the same careful study in observers that he put into creating them.

He grapples with each subject wringing inspiration out in his treasure hunt of discovery for the viewer.  While the mastery of his mediums is apparent, the desire of the artist is that technique shall never override the painting’s essential concept.

His own physical and spiritual connection with a subject, place, and time emerges on canvas; a point of interest that you grow more aware of the longer, you study his paintings.  Some of the most powerful images he has painted were those that left something out, that you notice a sense of space, rhythm, and harmony is no accident.

All the while, there he is the composer, with brush, rag, and palette knife, refining, coaxing, and interpreting nature on canvas.  You see and feel the brushstrokes corresponding to the inner rhythms built into nature by the Great Creator.  Boyd’s rhythmic brushstrokes touch the eyes with special measures found in the structures of nature.

If you, too, allow yourselves to look carefully, you may become a little richer and perhaps a bit more content.  Boyd aspires to have people realize that life can be simple and grand at the same time if one stops to notice the little things.

Growing up on a small farm outside LaFayette, Georgia, for forty-two years Boyd Greene has explored Lookout Mountain. The landscape has come to shape and define Boyd’s view of the world. It is a natural world he knows well and a magical place of inspiration. Thus, he is happy to announce a Lookout Mountain Art Project to capture its rugged and beautiful terrain. It will be a major project with many hiking expeditions, hundreds of photographs, graphite sketches, videos, alla prima en plein air paintings, studio studies, large-scale paintings (36″ x 48″), and one grand painting (48″ x 72″) to capture the essence of his favorite mountain. The project will be in loving memory of his late and great father, Delmar Greene.

Farmer 20" x 28" Graphite and Charcoal Drawing on Arches Aquarelle Paper Not Available - Property of the Artist

20″ x 28″ Graphite and Charcoal Drawing on Arches Aquarelle Paper
Not Available – Property of the Artist

Boyd is determined to capture the essence of Lookout Mountain that draws so many people every year to one of the Southeastern United States’ greatest wonders. His paintings will take you on a journey that winds through canyons, flows gently down streams, and rolls across lush farmlands from sunrise to sunset. Boyd has found it to be a tranquil resting place, an escape from daily life, a quiet getaway, a hidden retreat, nestled in the Northwestern Mountains of Georgia. Now he wants to take you there!

Some of Boyd’s most striking landscape paintings are of the rocky terrain adorning Lookout Mountain. As a local artist in North Georgia all his life, Boyd has had the opportunity to spend years in the midst of this rugged landscape to capture the beauty of the mountain. The most invigorating incentive for Boyd to paint landscapes is that he can create scenes that capture particular moments in time. Moments that fade into the past unless someone captures them. Through his paintings, Boyd strives to create work that will peek a viewer’s appreciation of nature, giving them a sense of what he felt as he captured the fleeting moment.

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