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What do I do for inspiration as an artist?  What inspires me?  What gets my creative thoughts flowing?

Number one, I establish definite plans for my days.  I try to specialize each day by setting one priority for that day.  If I’m going to paint, that is my main focus all day long.

Creativity is a strong characteristic of successful people.  Finding ways to stimulate creativity is a golden nugget for the artist and entrepreneur.

My dad!  Dad was such an inspiration.  Every time he would call, no matter how bad he was feeling, he would ask first thing before launching into one of his long stories, “Boyd, are you working on a painting or art reference material?  You are a hard worker; you are a great success!”  What a friend, what an amazing dad!!!

Farmer 20″ x 28″ Graphite and Charcoal Drawing on Arches Aquarelle Paper Not Available – Property of the Artist


Pinterest, what an inspirational place to browse the work of great artists!

Great music to listen to while painting is a sure way to get absorbed into creative thought.

Watercolor artist Alan Shuptrine is always a great inspiration.  We are always sharing the progress of what we are working on by texting.  He has a fabulous project right now if you have not heard, The Serpentine Chain: A Buried Appalachian Secret.  He has completed a lot of great paintings for the museum project.  You have to check it out.

I always enjoy talking with artist Hunter Eddy when he is in Chattanooga to do a painting demonstration or show.  An exceptional artist that takes the time to answer your questions and to share ideas on art.

Booth Western Art Museum

The place I go to for inspiration is the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville, Georgia.  I could go every day, and I highly recommend becoming a member.  They are always adding new programs and shows that you will not want to miss.

One way I inspire myself is by reading art books and magazines.  Western Art and Architecture, Western Art Collector, and American Art Collector are my monthly go to magazines for art inspiration.

I love listening to Podcasts for inspiration and business ideas.  Some of my favorites are:

The Plein Air Podcast

The Rich Dad Radio Show

1 Simple Thing Podcast

Youpreneur FM, with Chris Ducker


Art Marketing Action Podcasts from Allison B. Stanfield

How to Sell Art: The Abundant Artist Podcast

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

The Zig Ziglar Show – Motivation & Inspiration to fuel your life and success

A List of the Best Fine Art Podcasts

What podcasts do you listen to for inspiration?

Youtube is another hotspot for ideas, inspiration, and learning such as:

Serge Ramelli 


Draw Mix Paint

Florent Farges – arts

Professional Photography Tips with Joshua Cripps

Drawing Art Academy

Fine Art Academy

Emily Williams

Glyn Dewis

Jimmy McIntyre

Joel Grimes

Robert Liberace

Do you have any inspirational Youtube channels that you would like to share?

Art Galleries


One local art gallery that I’m a customer of and visit often is the River Gallery.  They always have a great showcase of art to select from for your collection.  The service is fabulous, and the atmosphere is splendid.

A new gallery that I love is The Olive Tree Art Centre in Blairsville, Georgia.  Not only can you buy art, but you can also take classes to learn how artists create their art.  You will feel right at home with owner and artist Mark Wingertsahn.  My wife and I have collected his birdhouses for many years.  We absolutely love his whimsical art.  While you are in the area take a hike on one of the many hiking trails leading to beautiful sites.  Blue Ridge, Georgia is just down the road, another great stop for art lovers.

Landscape and Nature Artist Boyd Greene

Fine Artist Boyd Greene

Thank you for stopping by Boyd Greene Fine Art for a browse.  What gets your creative ideas flowing?  Please share your thoughts, I look forward to reading them.


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