Farm Boy

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Delmar Greene loved the country life and passed that fondness on to me.  I contemplated a long time about how I could best capture my dad’s deep love for life.  I questioned how I could depict him to show his inner being.  I can think of no better way than showing his love for the country way of life.  I do not believe that dad loved anything better than working on his little farm.  It was his little piece of heaven on earth.

He wasn’t much for traveling unless it was down old dirt roads leading to hayfields or mountain vistas.  Growing up our summer vacations usually took us to the Smokey Mountains.  He always had to take a trip around the Cades Cove loop to see the old homesteads.  I think the Cantilever Barn was his favorite attraction as he would tell me how the builders built it every time we visited the old site.  It was the engineer in him and his love for design.

Dad was a storyteller and his favorite stories either had something to do with his work as a Civil Engineer or farmer.  You would think growing up working cotton fields would have broken him from loving agriculture, but it didn’t.  Farming deeply rooted itself in his soul and became a part of who he was.  His farm, where he was born and raised was a part of him that he would never give up.  It was precious to him.  Life just did not exist off of his little farm.  You can take the farmer from the farm, but you cannot take the farm out of the farmer.

Farm Boy – 20″ x 28″ – Graphite and Charcoal Drawing on Arches Aquarelle Paper
Not Available – Property of the Artist

Growing up I learned to respect horses and mules on another level from those that have never been around working animals.  The time my dad spent growing up working mules and horses in cotton fields taught him a deep respect for his fellow work mates that people that have never experienced cannot understand.  Dad could never stand to see an animal mistreated.  He looked at them as fellow work mates.  Often growing up they made a major contribution to what he eat.  That is dependence!

My dad’s compassionate heart and friendship inspired me to dedicate my Lookout Mountain Art Project to his loving memory.

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